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Product Notes


  • Interest is paid gross and accrues daily on cleared funds.
  • The Gross Rate of interest is the contractual rate paid to you without deduction of tax.
  • All interest is taxable and should be disclosed to your tax authority.
  • The bank is required to disclose all interest paid to EU residents to the appropriate tax authorities


  • Subject to your account’s terms and conditions, withdrawals payable to you can be issued from your account by FASTER PAYMENTS (free), CHAPS (our charge £30) and International SWIFT payment (our charge £45). We do not issue payments by cheque.
  • The FASTER PAYMENTS method is only available for amounts of up to £100,000 remitted within the Sterling area (Isle of Man, United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Gibraltar). Payments of over £100,000 will need to be remitted by CHAPS (please see above)
  • International payments may take several days to reach their destination due to delays resulting from differences in time zones and the number of correspondent banks involved in the payment.