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Permanent Bank International gives presentation to retirement group

Permanent Bank International (PBI) gave a presentation about the bank’s history and profile to the Manx Retirement Association.

More than 60 association members attended the event at Glen Helen Lodge for the presentation by Permanent Bank International Managing Director Carlton Freegard, and Business Development Manager David Fulton. They gave their view of the recent years of the financial crisis from an Irish perspective. In particular, the presentation focused on how Ireland has made good progress towards meeting the requirements of the EU, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund with a major restructuring of its economy and banking sector.

The Permanent Bank International executives also spoke about the recent restructuring of the Permanent TSB group, how this has strengthened PBI’s position in the Isle of Man, and the group’s commitment to the Island which involves PBI building a bank which is a meld of the private bank and the mutual building society where time is taken to get to know clients. Mr Freegard thanked the Manx Retirement Association for their interest in the presentation and added that Permanent Bank International will organise similar events for the B2B market and fiduciary sector in the autumn.

The Manx Retirement Association was founded in 1999 and is a registered charity that provides a comprehensive range of social and cultural activities for the over 55s. Derek Jones, Manx Retirement Association Deputy Director, said members enjoyed and appreciated the event and thanked Mr Freegard and Mr Fulton for their contribution.

Permanent Bank International was established on the Isle of Man in 1994. It is a specialist international savings and deposit bank, offering competitive Sterling and Euro accounts for up to five years. It is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission and based on the second floor of Britannia House, Athol Street.

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