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Permanent Bank International is the new name of Irish Nationwide (I.O.M.) Limited.

In February last year, Irish Nationwide (I.O.M.) Limited was acquired by Irish Life & Permanent plc who trade as Permanent TSB. As a result, our name has changed to Permanent Bank International Ltd.

Whilst our name will be new, our parent company’s roots can be traced back to 1884 with the establishment of the Irish Temperance Permanent Benefit Building Society culminating in the launch of Permanent TSB in 2002. We are now part of a vibrant group which is a leading provider of personal financial services in the Irish market with strong positions in retail banking.

What will change:

• As a direct benefit of our ownership by Permanent TSB, we have already been able to launch a new and wider range of deposit accounts available in Sterling and Euro and additional longer term deposit accounts will be launched during 2012

• Account management forms have been developed and will be made available via our website over the next few weeks

• A text message alerts service will be developed during 2012. You can subscribe to this service using the registration form in the FORMS section of this website. The service will enable you to receive text alerts via your mobile phone. For example, a reminder that a fixed term deposit is about to mature or to alert you to interest rate changes.

What is not changing?

Not changing is our total commitment to provide a personal service from our international base in the Isle of Man. And when you contact us you’ll always speak directly with a member of our long-serving and experienced Client Relations team. Permanent Bank International Ltd will remain a participant in the Isle of Man Depositor Compensation Scheme and a participating institution under the Eligible Liabilities Guarantee Scheme in Ireland - so deposits remain protected, as before. The Irish Government is arranging for our new name to be listed as a covered institution so that there is no interruption to the protection of your deposit.”

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