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Product Information

Fixed Term Deposits

Available in £ or €

Up to


0.90% AER

For deposits of £100,000+

90 Day Notice Account

Available in £

Up to


0.90% AER

For deposits of £25,000+

Permanent Bank International announces improved terms on its Sterling 1 Year Fixed Term Deposit.

In response to market movements in the 1 year fixed term deposit sector Permanent Bank International has responded by offering its top tier rate of 1.85% Gross/AER for a minimum deposit of £20,000. Furthermore this rate is available to personal, corporate, trust, pension and Life Company depositors. PBI also offers a range of competitive EURO fixed term deposits from 1 to 5 years at a rate of up to 1.50% Gross/AER.

David Fulton, PBI's Business Development Manager, commented, "We are constantly monitoring the deposit market to ensure that our products and interest rates are competitive. No bank has the ability to offer the best rates at all times but at PBI we do try to maintain a strong market position. Our new rate of 1.85% from as little as £20,000 has been very well received.

We also monitor the market to determine what other banks are offering in terms of products and services. What we have discovered is that there are fewer internationally based banks that are prepared to accept non-personal deposits. Typically, these are funds from company, trust, pension and Life Company customers. PBI remains committed to this sector of the market and welcomes enquiries."

New business enquiries should be made to David Fulton +44 (0)1624 639204 or Simon Jones +44 (0)1624 639215

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