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Ireland makes successful return to bond markets

13 March 2014 – The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) has today completed an auction of €1,000 million of the benchmark 10-Year Irish Government bond, the 3.40% Treasury Bond 2024, at a yield of 2.967%.

Total bids received amounted to €2,883 million, which was 2.9 times the amount on offer.

Speaking today, NTMA Chief Executive John Corrigan said: “The completion of today’s auction marks Ireland’s full return to the markets for the first time since September 2010 and brings to a successful conclusion the NTMA’s programme for a phased return to the markets carried out over the past two years. The €1 billion funding raised today, together with the €3.75 billion raised in the syndicated issue on 7 January, amounts to almost 60 percent of our funding target of €8 billion for the full year. ’’

Source: http://www.ntma.ie/news/ireland-sells-e1000-million-of-its-10-year-bond-by-auction/

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