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Legal/Technical/Regulatory Wording

AER stands for annual equivalent rate. This is a notional rate that shows what the rate of interest would be if it were paid and compounded on an annual basis.

The gross rate is the contractual interest rate without deduction of tax.

Permanent Bank International Ltd (“PBI”) is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.

PBI is an Isle of Man registered company No: 064936C and is a wholly owned subsidiary of permanent tsb p.l.c. which is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. As PBI places funds with other parts of its Group its financial standing is linked to that of the Group. Depositors may wish to form their own view on the financial standing of PBI and the Group based on publicly available information. The latest report and accounts for PBI and the Group are available on our website www.permanent-bank.com. PBI is a participant in the Isle of Man Depositor’s Compensation Scheme as set out in the Depositors’ Compensation Scheme Regulations 2010.

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