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Death of a Depositor

Account held in sole name

Money held with a bank in the Isle of Man is treated as an estate in the Isle of Man and, therefore, the Executor(s)/Personal Representatives of the deceased will need to apply for a Grant of Isle of Man Probate (where a valid Will has been left) or Isle of Man Letters of Administration where there is no Will (intestate).

For further information about Isle of Man Probate /Letters of Administration, please click on the following link to the Isle of Man Courts' website and, of course, we will be very pleased to offer every assistance at this distressing time. Where required, we are happy for the Bank’s name and address to be used as the serving address for Probate/Letters of Administration that are issued by the Isle of Man Courts and Probate Registry.

A simple way of avoiding the need for this requirement is to operate your account on a joint basis (see below).


Account held in joint names

Where a joint accountholder dies the account will automatically revert to the ownership of the surviving accountholder(s) upon production of the Death Certificate of the deceased.

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